Torque motors

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High torque, compact and dynamic

Torque motors are compact and have been developed to provide the maximum torque at low volume. The adjustment range is max. 90° , the linearity is guaranteed over a range of 75°.

Torque motors can be used in any position within the adjustment range. The current position is determined by a Hall sensor. They are simple, robust and can deliver peak torque values up to 1,5 mNm within a very short positioning time below 100 ms.

Additional features such as a return-to-zero spring and sensor can be integrated.

General technical informations about torque motors

Linear travel angle:up to 75°
Positioning time:<100 ms
Sensor signal:0,5 – 4,5 V

Standard versions for torque motor solutions

Working angle (°) Positioning time (ms) Weight (kg) Peak torque at 13,5 V (mNm) Data sheet
4246 75 max < 100 0.43 720
4246 plus 75 max < 100 0.43 930
4247 75 max < 100 0.33 650
4248 75 max < 100 0.35 820
i.v.b. - Antriebstechnik GmbH - Torque Motoren 4256 75 max < 100 0.65 1400

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