Labeling control units

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Compact, powerful, efficient

Experience with packaging and labeling controllers resulted in the ET 2000 TS as an compact product. The encoder synchronization guarantees an exact labeling position at every production speed.

The ET 2000 TS labeling control is based on the APSH stepper motor control and is supplied directly with 230 V alternating voltage.

Operation is via touch screen. Up to 2 label dispensers can be connected (e.g. for the front and back).


  • Power supply 220 VAC
  • 14 digital inputs
  • 6 digital outputs
  • USB-interface
  • Error diagnosis via display
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Fieldbus interfaces
  • Master-Slave function
  • Label formats can be saved
  • Relay output for further processing

In addition, the compact control can be customized and used as a control for cutting, bag packaging, format machines, etc.

Standard versions

ET 2000 Version Description Current (A) Voltage (V) Data sheet
ET 2000 ET 2000 TS up to two label dispensers bis zu 2 x 10 A 230 VAC

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