Stepping motor controller

Innovative, powerful, flexible, inexpensive and extremely durable

The stepper motor controls are made by S.H.S., which has more than 30 years of experience with stepper motors in a wide variety of applications.

The range includes various series of flexible, programmable, reliable stepper motor controls. Thanks to the low cabling effort and standardized interfaces, they can be easily integrated into extensive applications.

All 2-phase stepper motors available on the market can be operated with the controls. In addition, all stepper motor controls, from stepper motor controls with clock and direction of rotation inputs to stepper motor controls with fieldbus systems, are compatible with one another and can be expanded.

In addition, the stepper motors and the controls are optimally adapted to each other. The controls are available with integrated travel commands for reference travel, fixed absolute and relative positioning that can be processed independently. This relieves the higher-level controller and simplifies its programming. A complete program can also be stored in the EEPROM, the execution of which is controlled via digital inputs and does not require a higher-level controller.

Special customer requests or complete systems for industry solutions, e.g. for labeling control, can thus be implemented without great effort.

In particular, stepper motor controls are used successfully where further developments in production processes require the controls to be adapted quickly and efficiently. The communication interface on every controller is easy to use. This enables the user to write complex processes or simple test routines in a time-saving manner.

Standard versions for stepping motor controller solutions

Series Version Description Current (A) Voltage (V) Data sheet
HT 3 HT 3 XX DC Version 4 - 8 DC 12 - 60
HT 7 HT 7 xx DC Version 4 - 12 DC 24 - 125
HT 7 HT 7 xx AC Version 4 - 12 AC 18 - 240
STAR200 APSHx-x-x0 DC Version 4 - 12 DC 24 - 180
STAR2000 APSHx-x-xP AC Version 4 - 12 AC 18 - 125
EUROSTEP ESHx-x0 DC Version 3 - 10 DC 24 - 85
EUROSTEP ESHx-xP AC Version 3 - 10 AC 18 - 60

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